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Digital Wedding Card is a company which develops apps for the service & retail sector which helps them to keep in direct touch with their customers with Great Offers & Discount with absolutely no cost. He gets order from his area & gets paid upon the order value that he gets. The apps is developed & delivered by the DWC team.

Digital Wedding Card builds a lucrative business model by which the Franchisee gets business by using his contact’s with absolutely no investment. DWC motivates and trains the Franchisee to get order’s as well as project the future order as well as helping them with operation of their Franchisee.

Join Our Professional Team

Join Our Professional

Our professional team develops and works with the End Customer & Franchisee to develop the best app in the market with new options & designs that change the way business is done. DWC team assist clients in identifying and exploring ideal requirement’s that meet each client’s professional and personal goals.

No previous franchise experience is necessary to be successful in this business. The ideal consultant is someone who has good communication skills, a strong desire to help others, the ability to manage business relationships, and the willingness to learn and follow a proven system.

Benefits of becoming a DWC Franchisee :

  • Office/Home based business model provides increased profits
  • Flexibility to work part-time or full-time
  • Multiple income streams and high net margins
  • No franchisee fees
  • Access to large database of Mobile Apps which help to get order for Mobile Apps for each & every business
  • No prior franchise experience necessary
  • Ongoing access to DWC’s multiple lead generation and marketing programs
  • Personal coaching/mentoring by a DWC team
  • Team mentoring through regularly scheduled workshops
  • Ongoing support provided by dedicated support staff members
  • Listing in DWC website
  • Realistic 6 figure income potential
  • High demand, high growth, recession-resistant industry
  • No overhead
  • A proven, flexible business model

Please submit the below mentioned form so that DWC team can contact you at the earliest with available territories, business economics & how to qualify.

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